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Jeanette Dale is a most remarkable lady whose Christian journey is an inspiration to all who encounter her in person or via outlets such as social media platforms or her website. She exemplifies what total trust in and dependence on the Lord really means and her uncompromising message challenges and encourages all who embrace it.

Her spiritual skill set ensures she can offer intercession, prophecy, give life coaching and produce a multiplicity of inspired articles and newsletters to give direction, hope and blessing. From a personal viewpoint I can testify to being hugely helped and encouraged through times of testing, times of decision and in seeking to build a ministry.

She has always made herself available to give freely of her time and considered advice and is truly delighted when folk experience breakthrough, freedom from oppression and launch out into their callings. The Voice of Living Waters ministry is a tremendous resource and I earnestly beseech you to avail yourself of all it offers. I know that, like me, you will be very glad you did so.

Brian Gilliland – Endorsement
“Prophet Jeanette, the words you spoke were totally accurate and empowering. You have a unique prophetic gift that is fashioned by Our God. The anointing I feel each time I listen to the word erupts out of His Power and Glory. Accuracy comes as the word He gives you ferments in you like a fine wine that is opened and served at the right time, for the right person. Thank You Prophet Jeanette!”


“…Believe His Prophets and you prosper”.2 Chronicles 20:20

Tim Fox

“Ohhh, Prophet Jeanette! I did not expect all this to be said to me, at this time. So, I guess God saw that I needed this, now, eh! Yeeah! Thanks to your (lovely voice) friend, Marlene, and her beautiful, confirming, enlightening, assuring words from the Father’s Heart for me, at this time. (Uuuh! Love the Accent! ) I appreciate the word from you both, Jeanette. Yes! Oh my, our Awesome God is truly GOOD and Faithful, eh!!!  Thanks very much! Keep me in your prayers, Prophets. I will definitely continue to sow into your lives, as the Father blesses me and leads me. Lots of love to you ALL! Oh, say “Hi” and give my love to your other friend (??) for me, as well. The unprecedented to you and your families, my Prophetic Friends!”


Wow thank you so much. I am now figuring out how to listen on my iPhone. I really feel blessed, thank you.”

“Jeanette, thank you for allowing God to speak through you! Everything that you said was spot on! God bless you.”


Joseph Lancaster

“I receive the word from The Lord. It touched my heart and I was full of gratitude, praise, and thankfulness. God has been giving me insights into some new areas that I should pursue to fulfill his purpose in my life. This was confirmation to move forward and let him direct my path. I am a fine artist and it is so wonderful that you saw green all around me.”



“You just cannot imagine the deep impact this has had on me, I listen again and again I felt the presence of the Lord strongly when I hear your prophetic word. It impart also a fresh release of God presence in my life that is a great value for me, by this prophetic word, The Lord confirm to me several thing!  You mentioned 2 verse and those 2 verse are those that I study the most from sometime and that the Lord often put those verse in my spirit !!!!”



What a Blessing!!!!Thank you…you just escorted us into his presence so beautifully!!!You confirmed many words given to me personally and others on my behalf. I really don’t know where to go but I’m sure I will be shown.  I feel every grain Of Sand shifting under my feet!  I will not be standing much longer in this place  But will be as on translated to destiny.  This place of preparing is to come shortly. All things work together for good to those who are called to his purposes.  I thank God for your anointing!  I praise you Jesus for Jeanette’s sweet heart and Faithful relationship with you. I glory in her presence with you.  You have surely Played your role in activating God’s purposes in my life .  I thank you again. God Bless!  I hope to see or speak or write again soon.  Goodbye my new Friend,


“What a blessing to the body Jeanette Dale is! She is a true prophet who walks in grace and humility. It was wonderful to receive a word from the Lord that began with an offering of thanksgiving and praise to Jesus and the sacrifice and gift of life that He gave us through the cross. Jeanette has a true servant’s heart and gives all glory and honor to God. The word in itself has been such a blessing and encouragement to me. It confirmed things that God was already speaking to me, gave me new revelation and insight and encouraged me to remain hopeful, to trust in God’s timing and to hold on to the promises He has given me. It was everything that I needed to hear. I have listened to it many times and each time, I hear something new. It is for me a now word and it inspires me as I am making transitions in my life and experiencing many changes.It is spot on and on target! Hallelujah! I praise God and am thankful that He has used Jeanette to speak into my life. Thank you Jeanette for your obedience to Him and for speaking what you hear Him saying. Blessings and favor to you and your ministry! Much love! ”
Connie Ross

“One of the meaning of my name is the palm tree which symbolizes victory. I know that your vision is
confirmation of the victory God has given my family and I. God bless you and your ministry.”



“Thank you Jeanette for praying for me and speaking words from God into my situation. I find your words encouraging. I can confirm that this goes along with other prophetic words over my life as well. Thanks, and thanks again! Awesome!”

Hello Jeanette thank you so much for the audio prayer.  It came at a good time, as I forgot about my email too you. But it turns out to be an interesting and exciting prayer. I still have trouble believing this word was for me, maybe it was a mistake, but in your audio you talked about unbelief and double-mindedness, you are spot onYou also talked about inventions- I’m glad you spoke this as I sometimes think of designing new stuff. You also prayed a lot and I can see you love God.  I have listened to this audio dozens of time, I can see it as a useful tool to keep for many years. Your work, Jeanette, is rare and extremely valuable for the kingdom of God. Thanks.”  

“Morning Jeanette ~ this is so GREAT! THANKS so much for the prophetic prayer. You have blessed us, so you can just imagine how you will be blessed as this is what happens in our family, we have witnessed the miraculous in this area.  Thank you and God be with you always.”



“Before I was a Christian many years ago now, I was a single mother with absolutely nothing! I had very few material items, extremely demonized and broke, both spiritually and naturally. I experienced much of the supernatural, had experiences in the occult, and was entangled in gossip. backstabbing, witchcraft, lying, betrayal, jealousy, anger, resentments, sexual sin, fornication, adultery – you name it and I was in it!

I had the idea that Jesus was one option to the Father but not the only. I was very confused and because I had a supernatural gift of seeing things with absolutely no understanding of what it was, I was terrified and lived my life basically in fear. My daughter was also in this place.


“Thank you for the encouraging word Jeanette!  I lot of what you said was a confirmation of what the Lord has done, is doing and will do…Thank you for your obedient spirit to the Lord and for laying your life down for people you barely know. May God continue to bless you and prosper all you do for His Kingdom.”



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