Golden Keys for breakthrough

Doors !



I see all these doors. Amazing, some look like antiques, I see glass doors, modern doors, a small door, a door shaped like a triangle, a door shaped like a circle, and another like an octagon. I see keys on a massive big key chain and someone walking up to each door and unlocking them.

The Father saith,
Your feet are now ready to go through the open door.

I have been preparing you and shaping you for this time.

Each door has a different assignment behind it:

As I look I see a man in a coat of arms, holding a scroll with a Message. On either side there are two gentleman dressed in the coat of arms holding trumpets. They are in position.

I hear those that are entering this door are to prepare the people, the nations, for the second coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Lord of Lords, King of Kings. I see the people entering through this door, standing in a line, fully armored and taking their position as Watchmen. The spirit of travail is upon them, the eyes of their understanding are open and the Spirit of Grace is ushering them into spiritual realms to partner with the ministering spirit for assignments. I see revival fire burning in hearts. Many will soar on eagles’ wings to see as He sees and to hear how He Hears.

This door is beautiful. It is made of crystal and looks like it is one piece. As it opens, there are all kinds of mirrors. The mirrors are representations of “image”.  Those coming through this door are ministers to bring healing to the broken-hearted. My anointing is upon them because they themselves have walked through painful situations and some have been victims of sexual or mental abuse. I have healed and restored them to see themselves the way I created them. Now I am going to cause divine appointments for them to be my hands and my heart to bring healing to others, for I came to restore the broken-hearted.

I see a beautiful picture of people walking in front of the mirrors with a distorted view of themselves, but then someone comes and takes their hand. As their hand is taken, I see self image restored.

The Father says,
I will pour out My Spirit upon you, there will be an increase in the Word of Knowledge and Wisdom. I will give you insight to pull the
root out. Many will experience manifestation of oil on their hands as they minister to the broken-hearted.

This door is a technology door. I am calling the media mountain to be overtaken by My Glory. I am positioning some to start ministries and businesses online. I am stretching the tent pegs and calling for My Word to be preached throughout Nations. Many going through this door will be IT experts and business people with creative gifting. I see apps being created, websites, internet TV, radio stations and exciting movies being produced and put together.

There is someone who has been given scripts to produce a movie and there has not been an open door. The door is about to open! Wow! There are others that already have set a foundation in ministry online, and I see the breath of God blowing on it, producing fresh growth at a steady pace.

The Father says,
There is no distance in the Spirit. Signs, wonders and miracles will follow and I see testimonies flooding in of life being transformed
through Jesus Christ in media ministry.

Outside of this door I see a vision a little bit like Alice in Wonderland. A giant girl standing in front of a little door.

The Lord says:
“This door is for the humble and the meek, for they are the giants in My Kingdom.” I see a mantle in a violet color being put on those going through this door. It is an authority to discern the impure from the pure. These are those that carry His love in a tangible way that creates an atmosphere of unity and intimacy. I see them positioned to remove impurities within the Body of Christ. I see a building and many are gathered together, worshiping in the tongues of angels, the atmosphere is filled with the Glory of God!!! Praise God!  I see a lot of these people packing suitcases, as they are the sent ones, ambassadors representing the Kingdom of GOD.

“These are My Covenant Keepers, saith the Lord. I am opening a door for them that no man can shut. These are My Sons who have stood on My promises. The promised land is open before you. A lot of these people are on the move. They are moving into a new territory, the promised land. I see transfers of wealth coming to you because you have been trained to behold His plans and understand you are stewards and not owners of the wealth in your hands. You are the FAITH BOMBS, saith the Lord. You will go forward and see blind eyes open, deaf ears hearing, the lost saved. I see you casting out devils, I see you supplying whatever the need is that comes your way just like John spoke about in his letter. You are unstoppable and the Lord says this is your time for promotion.”

I see a group of people coming out of a training school and going through this door.

The Father saith,
“I have given you zeal to go forward and gather in the harvest. Now is your time, the door of opportunity is open before you. You have
understanding of the function of the Trinity and will go forward breaking the yokes of religious spirits and legalism. I see you cutting through and being elevated onto platforms to preach and evangelize. Souls and more souls coming to the knowledge of having a personal relationship with Jesus. Signs, wonders and miracles will follow My Word, saith the Lord.”

This is an interesting door because after you step into the first one, there is another door, and another, and another. I believe that as you step into the first opportunity, another will open and it will continue like that. Amen.

This is interesting. I see a garden, flourishing with greenery, flowers, and waterfalls. There are pathways, roads and everything looks fresh. I believe this door is related to those who have been through a time of struggle, dying to self, repentance. This door is the door of refreshing. I see a season of bathing in the waterfall of His Spirit. New beginnings, the past being cut off and a whole new way of being, of living. It is interesting because an Octagon has 8 sides and 8 is the number of new beginnings and restoration.

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