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Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy and the answer in Him is Yes and Amen-
Rev 19:10…worship God for the testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy

The Lord says,
The true Spirit of Prophecy is found in the mysterious inside of Me. I Am the Word. It was spoken even before you existed on the earth and as you engage Me, you are engaging the Spirit of Prophecy. I Am the Prophetic Word that became flesh and made its dwelling among you.

I AM your breakthrough! I have already spoken your Victory! Remember the Apostle Paul who wrote most of the letters to the churches, Jeanette. He engaged inside of My heart and the spirit of revelation took him on a journey of discovering the mysterious. The same Spirit is available to you today. Ask of Me and I will take you into the revelation of THE Word that you may know the truth and it is indeed the TRUTH that will set you free.

I AM YOUR “NOW” WORD……I became flesh and journeyed on the earth as a living testimony of how you should live, act and move. Every testimony, every Word is a living instruction manual to give you the key to unlock the promise. For example, if you look at Matthew 10:32-33 I give you a promise to anchor you in Me. “If you confess Me in front of man, I will confess you before My Father but if you deny Me, I will deny you before My Father.”

The mystery of the Spirit of Prophecy is that it is settled once you confess Me before man. You have My assurance I am with you yet so many that confess Me doubt my promise and become insecure. I say to you this day, My Word will not return but every word shall be established just as it is written. Stand up tall with confidence and assurance that I will never leave you or forsake you! It is settled therefore follow Me. I have qualified you! I have spoken. Dive into My Word for everything you need to hear, to see, to behold is found in the testimonies and the parables.

Faith is the core root in the pages of My Word. Remember when the Spirit of God spoke into the heart of the widow in the epistle of Mark 12:41 to give her last two mites? The mystery in the parable of the two mites is she “believed and trusted in Me.” She was willing to give ALL knowing that God the Father was her only hope of survival. This is a NOW Word, this is the Spirit of Prophecy – an award awaits ANYONE who gives all for Me. Who obeys my instruction and trusts in Me to keep MY WORD. Even as I said to My disciples those that leave fathers, mothers, children, homes for My name sake shall by no means lose there reward in this life – Mathew 19:29 (read testimony at bottom of page).

One of my favorites is when I was teaching in the synagogue and the people were trying to get their friend to Me because he needed a healing. There were so many people and they couldn’t get him through the door. So his friends decided they would lift him up, climb up to the roof and lower their friend down so that I could heal him. The pharisees were horrified but I was delighted! The mystery in this testimony is a demonstration of the power of love and unity. Some breakthroughs can only happen when My people join together, stand together and unite as one. When My people gather together to help someone weaker this is pleasing in My sight! Faith is ignited and blessing follows. A testimony of promise, action and truth revealed within the Words of Mark 2:4.


I was listening to a testimony of a family that was struggling.The husband had a demonic bondage and the family was in need financially. They had been to numerous people for ministry to no avail. A pastor heard about it and got 400 believers together and invited them to join him and visit the family. He gave them instructions that each person brings a minimal seed of $5.00 to give to the family. The second instruction was a willingness to pray in tongues for 20 minutes. So the people gathered and squashed into the house owned by the family. They prayed in tongues altogether for 20 minutes and the husband was set free from the demon. Each gave their financial gift and the injection of cash enabled the family to get back on their feet financially and the husband was completely healed. In the days that followed people were coming off the highway and knocking at their door because they said they could see a bright light. The Spirit of God took over that household and miracles broke out!!! Many people had their lives changed by the decision of the family of Jehovah joining together in love and unity to see a family set free! WOW! The Spirit of Prophecy in action for His Glory!

Testimony – two mites

We had just moved to the country. My daughter was enrolled to go to a Christian school which was around 10 km away from where we lived. A car was essential for transporting her to school plus being in the country a car was a priority because public transport was limited. To my amazement the Lord told me to give our car to a lady called Linda. I protested because I was thinking,”God we have no money to purchase a new one.” A Christian friend called in. She was a woman that I held in high esteem. I always thought she had a hot line to God because she would often say..God said etc. So I asked her to pray with me regarding giving the car, thinking that the Lord will confirm it or convince me that I had heard incorrectly.

After praying/discussing she felt the Lord would not require me to give the car away because I needed it. After she left, I went to pick my daughter up and as I was driving back on a roundabout right near where we lived and we could see smoke coming out of the bonnet. I was completely horrified! My neighbor was walking on the footpath and he gathered together some people to help me push the car into the driveway and to investigate from where the smoke was coming. The Lord spoke into my Spirit, “I told you to give the car to Linda,” ….Oh my goodness, I felt the fear of the Lord and immediately I repented and I called Linda. Her mum answered and said she had left for the airport to fly to Mackay, which is miles away!

I explained to her mother my disobedience and asked for forgiveness. About 30 minutes later the phone went and it was Linda’s Mum telling me that Linda had just called and she was on her way to the airport and felt the Lord told her to came back. Linda was believing God for a car to drive to Mackay but it had not manifested because I was the chosen vessel and I had been disobedient. In His mercy, He placed it on Linda’s heart to come back and she was blown away when she found out a car was waiting for her.

I explained the car had smoke coming out from under the bonnet and said we would need to get it checked. Both of us live by faith and had no money so we were at the mercy of God to make sure it was roadworthy so it could be transferred into Linda’s name. A miracle took place – there was absolutely no sign of the fire smoke and the car transfer was a minimal expense! God is amazing. She took the car blessed beyond measure of God’s faithfulness in providing for her. A short time later my phone goes and it was a lady called Julie and she said that her friends were heading of to the mission field and that they had two cars to give away. They asked me if I knew anyone who needed a car. Oh course I said, ME!!! I was given a beautiful blue car that was such a blessing! It was cheaper to run and most importantly it was perfect for me and it didn’t cost me a cent!

This is a testimony likened to the widow with the two mites. We gave up our “two mites”, a car that was our only form of transport with no money to buy a new one! We were totally in the hands of Abba! Our faith was stretched and we experienced the faithfulness of Our God! He not only replaced the car with a better one but it also cemented into my heart that God is truth. His Word is living! When we step out and believe Him, trust Him, He never lets us down. I am extremely blessed! Our Father is faithful and this indeed is the Spirit of Prophecy, a WORD, an INSTRUCTION, a BLESSING!

WE ARE ONE IN HIM…..Every promise is for WHOSOEVER….will you be one who will engage in the revelation of the living Word and say “Yes Lord!”  You have been appointed to set the captive free, to heal the sick, to bless the poor, you are His light reflected on the earth through every decision you make that aligns with Him. Pick up the book and invite the Spirit of Revelation to teach you, to reveal the hidden mystery. You are His hands, His heart, His Mind, His Bank,You are the gateway for His Glory… Open up the BIBLE and allow the Spirit of Prophecy to walk you through the pages to your NOW WORD…there is one written within the pages for every situation… He is the ANSWER and today is the day of PROGRESSING into Who He has made you to be!

Voice of Living Waters mandate …….To wash you in truth, the living Word and see you develop complete dependency on Jesus, developing intimacy and confidence in hearing His voice. A husband is given instructions to wash his wife, so many need a good washing in the living Word, for the dust to be removed, for clarity to came and also agreement for what you are believing for. Ephesians 5:6… make her holy, cleansing[a] her by the washing with water through the word….”Again, truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven.Matthew 18:19 I DO THIS FIVE WAYS:

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