Connie Ross

“What a blessing to the body Jeanette Dale is! She is a true prophet who walks in grace and humility. It was wonderful to receive a word from the Lord that began with an offering of thanksgiving and praise to Jesus and the sacrifice and gift of life that He gave us through the cross. Jeanette has a true servant’s heart and gives all glory and honor to God. The word in itself has been such a blessing and encouragement to me. It confirmed things that God was already speaking to me, gave me new revelation and insight and encouraged me to remain hopeful, to trust in God’s timing and to hold on to the promises He has given me. It was everything that I needed to hear. I have listened to it many times and each time, I hear something new. It is for me a now word and it inspires me as I am making transitions in my life and experiencing many changes.It is spot on and on target! Hallelujah! I praise God and am thankful that He has used Jeanette to speak into my life. Thank you Jeanette for your obedience to Him and for speaking what you hear Him saying. Blessings and favor to you and your ministry! Much love! ”