“Ohhh, Prophet Jeanette! I did not expect all this to be said to me, at this time. So, I guess God saw that I needed this, now, eh! Yeeah! Thanks to your (lovely voice) friend, Marlene, and her beautiful, confirming, enlightening, assuring words from the Father’s Heart for me, at this time. (Uuuh! Love the Accent! ) I appreciate the word from you both, Jeanette. Yes! Oh my, our Awesome God is truly GOOD and Faithful, eh!!!  Thanks very much! Keep me in your prayers, Prophets. I will definitely continue to sow into your lives, as the Father blesses me and leads me. Lots of love to you ALL! Oh, say “Hi” and give my love to your other friend (??) for me, as well. The unprecedented to you and your families, my Prophetic Friends!”