Brian Gilliland – Endorsement

Jeanette Dale is a most remarkable lady whose Christian journey is an inspiration to all who encounter her in person or via outlets such as social media platforms or her website. She exemplifies what total trust in and dependence on the Lord really means and her uncompromising message challenges and encourages all who embrace it.

Her spiritual skill set ensures she can offer intercession, prophecy, give life coaching and produce a multiplicity of inspired articles and newsletters to give direction, hope and blessing. From a personal viewpoint I can testify to being hugely helped and encouraged through times of testing, times of decision and in seeking to build a ministry.

She has always made herself available to give freely of her time and considered advice and is truly delighted when folk experience breakthrough, freedom from oppression and launch out into their callings. The Voice of Living Waters ministry is a tremendous resource and I earnestly beseech you to avail yourself of all it offers. I know that, like me, you will be very glad you did so.