Golden Keys for breakthrough

Two Doors – Number 8 & 9


You have walked through the Door and Now it is time to “SEE”
To harvest the season you have just been through and
enter into the land flowing with milk and honey.

Door number 8New order producing a new beginning, new revelation, new positioning.
You have walked through the Door and Now it is time to “SEE”-
To harvest the season you have just been through and
enter into the land flowing with milk and honey.

Milk: I saw a baby resting on the Fathers breast and drinking.
A place of “rest” and “intimacy” the Lord is saying:
The door you have walked through is the door of “new
beginnings, deep intimacy, deep rest, deep revelation”,

My Spirit has drawn you unto Me, made you restless for more!

I have caused you to hunger, to desire Me, to see My face. I
have seen your willingness to let go of the “former ways”, and
enter into “ the truth of Who I have made you to beYou have
allowed My Spirit to take you through the process and now it is
your time to enter My Rest, behold My face, to hear My heart,
and to drink from the banqueting table of “perfect, un-defiled

I am taking into the true meaning of being seated with
Me in heavenly places, Come up saith the Father, Come up, I
have much to share, much to show you! Come and feast with
Me, and behold My Kingdom, for you, my child, are not made for
this world, but I made you to be seated with Me, for
relationship is what I desire..Walk through the Door and enter
into the throne room with boldness and confidence, for My Son’s
Blood has perfected you, the veil has been torn, there is now
no separation for you- You are position inside of Christ Jesus.
This is your invitation to come and drink from the breast of
My Glory; Come up and taste and see that I am good!

Door number 9: Harvesting the Fruits of the Spirit, Promotion, Fresh Baptism.

Honey: The Lord reminded me of the scripture in Proverbs,
that sweet words are like honeycomb. I felt He was saying the
the honey represents those going through the door with the
number 9. There are 9 fruits of the Spirit and I believe that
every word that we speak that aligns with His nature, and the
way Jesus would speak produces in the harvest field of our
hearts the 9 fruits of the Spirit.

As I went through this door;
I saw 9 trees: a tree of love, a tree of joy, a tree of patience, a
tree of peace, a tree of kindness, a tree of goodness, a tree of
faithfulness, a tree of gentleness, a tree of self control.

I see each one fully laden with fruit, so much abundance. So
much beauty, because some who are reading this have made a
decision to allow their mouths, their hearts, to be used to
magnify His heart. That have chosen forgiveness, meekness
and humbleness. They have chose generosity, and shown
mercy and grace to others even when it was difficult. You have
gone through the fire of a “nature change”.
The fire has caused many ashes and those ashes have His
breathe breathing on them turning them into beauty.

The Lord says,
I have seen the way you have chosen to lay down your own
life, to lay down your own opinion, to lay down your need,
now you have gone through a door where you will harvest the
fruits of My Spirit.  Abundance, peace and joy will be multiplied
within the spiritual and natural realms of your life. You will be
like a garden whose flowers never stop booming. You will climb
the high places of My Glory and walk with Me in the cool of the
day. You will open up your mouth to speak and will see the
lightening bolts of My Glory transforming from Glory to Glory.

You will grow at a accelerated pace because I know saith the
Father,”I can trust you .”
“I see a scroll covered in honey been presented to you”-
Take it, this is the scroll to unlock the mysterious of My
Kingdom, come and eat.

I also see some who have struggled in their mortal bodies. I
see the frequency of the Holy Spirit within. Many will notice
new levels of energy, new levels of vitality, health issues
disappearing.  Areas that you have struggled, suddenly

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